Dont’ be kharcheela, Be Searcheela

Searchb4kharch (SBK) ​ is not just any other price comparison website or app. It’s no less than a complete masala movie which is having all sorts of transformations in it. From buying products to booking flights & hotels to enquiring food, is not less than a complete film and the other most important part is we have got the ‘U’ certificate from the board. :) So, all of us can watch it and use it. And to make a great film, oh sorry!! to make a great app there has to be a great team involved, revolved and evolved around each other and SBK is lucky to have one

Introduction of the team:

Executive Producer “Screwvala” of SBK
Mr. Dhiraj Jaiswani

He is the one who got everyone of us together for this project. He is not just a passionate guy, but also sensible & responsible for controlling the flow of the basic idea. He made sure that everything should fall on it’s place. His cinemascopic view did not change at all throughout the whole process.

The Producer SBK’s own “Nadiadwala”
Mr.Mohit Sharma

Despite being an engineer from his profession, he is the one who created the conditions for the making of SBK. He coordinated, supervised, and controlled all the matters perfectly. He remained involved throughout all the phases of SBK making process from development to completion of the project.

Marketing & Promotion “SBK’s Prahalad”
Mr.Prashant Persai

He is a researcher by profession. He invested his valuable inputs and experience into SBK. He is looking after promotional activities and events of SBK and making sure that it reaches to the mass.

Art Designer & visual effects “Primefocus” of SBK team

When we first threw the insane idea of having an app for products, flights and hotels altogether, they just responded in a manner which any normal team could have, but later on they have also become like us. Despite several takes the team made sure that everything should look perfect and beautiful on screen (of any size)

Direction & Screenplay “Salim­Javed” of SBK
Mr.Vineet Kumar

Responsible for researching the plot, developing the narrative, writing the screenplay, and delivering it. He envisioned how the actors will perform, what’s their role and magnitude on screen. All the users will feel the punches and surprises he has given in SBK.

And in the last presenting our

Now, it's your turn to pick your screen and make Search B4 Kharch a blockbuster hit.

SBK v2.0 will be followed shortly